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Home is where the heart is

Our vision is to help you create, to inspire and cultivate a more conscious living in your home, garden and life that brings joy and peace. 
May we share with you all our expertise and knowledge as you live a life with more ease and grace.

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Home Sweet OM

Our Story, Our New Beginnings:
Hello and welcome to Home Sweet OM.Home Sweet OM is a union of our loves, passions, work, purpose, talents, experiences and expertise in conscious living, building, preserving, restoring and experiencing the many joys and freedom in life and our homes. Life is too short and precious. Let us help you live with more ease, joy and freedom in your home, body, mind and soul.
“Home Sweet hOMe”- is defined as an expression of pleasure or relief upon returning to one’s home and hOMe is where the heart is.
OM: AUM- symbolically embodies the divine energy or Shakti. It has 3 main characteristics:1- (A) Creation 2- (U) Preservation/Maintenance 3- (M) Liberation/Freedom 
OM is the basic, Universal sound of the physical and spiritual world, which tunes us to our connection to everything in the world and Universe.
Jose’ and Silver Kim Videira not only fell in love with each other but also decided to come together to offer their services, connection, talents and their combined successful 20+ years of expert experiences as business owners in the USA in home & commercial building and wellness & yoga industry. 
If you you’re needing some remodeling work or help building your dream home or bringing more peace, serenity and simplicity into your home, book your appointment with Jose’.
If you’re wanting to plan a yoga retreat or workshop or wanting to create and collaborate with Silver, she will organize and specifically help design your retreat or workshop from start to finish. She is also available for privates In yoga, bodywork or energy work and online your appointment with Silver.
Working and connecting with community to bring more joy is our mission.Thank you and Namaste’

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For more information contact us to learn how we can begin working together.

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