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Sacred Space

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the sacred spaces I’ve created in my life. My first sacred space was in a closet in our home in NYC when I was a little girl. The funny thing is, Jose’ use to tease me when we were dating because I didn’t know some terms, lingos, sayings etc. that city kids would know...he would ask me, “are you sure you’re from NY or did you grow up in a closet.” We laughed and I‘d say, actually I was at the public library (another sacred space) reading. But after some time I realized I did grow up in a sacred space.

When you grow up in a large family, there were 6 of us: Amma, Abba, older sister Jen, brother David, me and my younger sister Cindy in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in our 2 family house, space was definitely an issue.

My brother got his own bedroom (sometimes shared with our paternal grandmother when she came to stay with us), my sisters and I shared the smaller bedroom. My older sister had her own bed and my younger sister and I shared one twin bed. My parents slept in the living room, Korean style...just like when they lived in Korea. When it was bedtime, my Amma would go into the large closet in my brother’s room and pulled out their heavy blankets and pillows to set up their bed in the living room.

We lived like this for many years until my parents saved enough money to convert our basement to another 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Then my older sister and brother moved downstairs, my parents moved into my brothers large bedroom (yes, I know what you’re thinking, but this was Korean tradition. The boys, especially the only boy was “King”. It was just accepted. I’ll write about this another time). My younger sister and I still had the same smaller room, but now we had our own twin beds!!!

There was a small closet in our bedroom and since we didn’t have a lot of clothes and we used a dresser drawer, the closet just kept some blankets and a few of my parents coats in it.

I remember I went into the closet one day just to be alone, fell asleep and woke up with the family looking for me. I don’t know how long I was in there but I remember feeling peaceful, safe, serene and content being alone in that small closet.

I started to organize my closet as if it was my private hideaway, my private space where I can be alone for just a little time during the day.

Since it already had blankets folded inside, I kept the blankets in there. I moved some of my parents coats into their large closet and created more space inside so I can read and write in my diary (with a flashlight), close my eyes and dream...I guess I was meditating even as a little small closet was my first Sacred Space.

When I stepped into my space, it was as if I was being transported into my own world where I was alone with my own thoughts, imagination and silence.

I have created many Sacred Spaces, bigger than my closet but the feeling, the need, the desire for peace, serenity, safety, healing, quiet and to be surrounded with love was always the same.

I even created a sacred space for others when I opened my yoga and wellness studio Kula Heart Yoga in Nazareth, PA in 2008.

Today, 2021, I actually have several sacred spaces in my home: my beautiful large bedroom with a private balcony, my yoga and meditation loft and even my outdoor lanai.

Sacred Space has also evolved for me where it’s not only a physical place but it’s also the people you surround yourself with. Jose’, my best friend/husband and some very close friends that when we get together, no matter where it is, it’s my sacred space. I know we could be our raw authentic self and without any judgement or fear, we can share our dreams, our struggles, our stories and our precious time together. It’s a time for healing, laughter and sometimes tears.

This is my favorite sacred space.

I truly believe we all need Sacred spaces in order to be our best selves and to be peaceful in our inner world and outer world.

I’m writing right now in my sacred space, my beautiful bedroom with the window open, the sounds of the birds singing, my fur baby, Miso at my feet and the soft light of the morning sun illuminating my sacred space.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own sacred space. It can be anywhere, even a small closet and/or anyone special who you trust.

Here are some of my must haves for the space to be sacred:

*clean, unclutterd, cozy and comfy

*quiet, maybe some music that brings on the feeling of peace, sounds of nature- river, ocean, birds, gentle breeze and silence.

*private, safe, relaxing and serene

*easily accessible at anytime of the day or night

*only keep in there what brings you joy...I have fresh cut flowers (when I can), my journals, some books and a candle.

There are really no set rules on what makes a space sacred but just that it’s a time for yourself to be you and to be at peace.

Have fun in creating your sacred space.

If you want to share your sacred space, I would be honored.

You can write back and describe it or share a photo.

From our home, heart and sacred space to yours...

Home Sweet OM


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