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Jose’ Videira

HOME Professional

Jose’ Videira (Founder and Owner of Bee Green Homes and Gardens) has been building, remodeling and preserving homes and businesses in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas for 20 plus years. He is an ECO friendly, conscious builder that respects his clients and their surroundings. He is not your typical cookie cutter builder, he builds one of a kind and special homes and businesses. He is a quiet, low key, modest, open and honest person that everyone trusts.He has built many homes from modest humble homes to mansions. He build many restaurants, corporate buildings, yoga and wellness studios and remodeled and preserved many buildings as well.He never advertised, all his work were loyal return customers and referral based. Everyone was sad to see him close his USA business but happy for him as he’s following his dream to live and work in his ancestral country of Portugal.


Silver Kim Videira 

OM: Yoga and Wellness

Silver Kim Videira (Founder of Kula Heart Yoga and Wellness in PA), is a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, workshop retreat leader and body and energy worker.After working in the home furnishing, textile and fashion industry in the late 80’s and 90’s In NYC and Europe, Silver found her passion and purpose in yoga and wellness. Silver listens and feels deeply what her clients and students need and offers her services from many diverse trainings and experiences. She opened and sold her successful business after training over 100 yoga teachers and helped and served thousands more for 20+ years.Once her boys, now men, Christopher, Jonathon and Adam all grew up and moved out of their home, Silver and Jose’ decided to move to Portugal to fulfill their dreams for simple living, traveling and offering their services in Europe. Although her beloved students and friends were very sad for her departure, they’re very excited to visit her in Portugal and elsewhere in her yoga retreats that she offers a few times a year. Together, they built a yoga, wellness, conscious living retreat center “Home Sweet OM” in the Algarve area where they host and lead programs for local and international teachers.

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